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Method and coating agent for electrocoagulation printing

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Methode und Überzugsmittel zum elektrokoagulationsdrucken

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Méthode et revêtement pour l'impression par électrocoagulation


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[origin: EP0899093A2] An improved electrocoagulation printing method comprises the steps of a) providing a positive electrode having a passivated surface moving at substantially constant speed along a predetermined path; b) coating the positive electrode surface with a coating agent containing silicon oxide and an oily substance to form on the surface micro-droplets of the coating agent; c) forming on the positive electrode surface having micro-droplets thereon a plurality of dots of coagulated ink representative of a desired image, by electrocoagulation of an electrolytically coagulable printing ink comprising an electrolytically coagulable polymer, a liquid medium, a soluble electrolyte and a coloring agent; and d-1) bringing a substrate into contact with the positive electrode surface to cause transfer of the dots of coagulated ink from the positive electrode surface onto the substrate and thereby imprint the substrate with the image. The method prevents anode abrasion and pitting during electrocoagulation printing. <IMAGE>

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