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Kit for stair renovation

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Bausatz für die Treppenrenovierung

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Ensemble pour la rénovation de marches d'escalier


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Abstract (en)

[origin: EP0900895A2] The kit contains an assembly profile, a horizontal step board (7) for treading on, and a vertical step board (8). The profile contains two arms (1,2) at right angles to each other, which act as the supports for the two step boards. A step edge (3) is formed where the two arms meet, providing two mounting surfaces (4,5) extending at right angles to each other in horizontal and downward directions. The front edge of the new horizontal step section abuts the first mounting surface and the top edge of the new vertical step section abuts the second mounting surface. The mounting surfaces have different heights roughly equal to the different thicknesses of the step boards. The convex curved front surface (6) of the step edge intersects with an imaginary line (9) bisecting the angle between the two arms. The radius of curvature for this step edge is relatively small next to the thinner of the two boards, increasing in size towards the thicker of the two boards, the radius of curvature being roughly equal in size to the thickness of one of these two boards.

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