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Spinning method and machine with condenser

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Spinnverfahren und Spinnmaschine mit Kondensiervorrichtung

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Procédé et machine de filature avec condenseur


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[origin: EP0903430A2] A ring spinning drafting system (1) is followed by a perforated condensing roller (10) equipped with internal suction. A nip roller (13) acts a twist-stop for the twist traveling back from the spindle (3). The yarn (2) leaves at the nip line (K) so that it is not deflected any further by the condensing roller (10). The angle (F) between the yarn (2) and the line (N) joining the centers of the rollers (10,13) is greater or equal to 90 degrees . An Independent claim is also included for a spinning process, especially using a ring spindle as the twisting device, where the sliver is twisted without being supported by the condensing surface but only by the twist stop (13).

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