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EP 0905451 B1 2003-06-04 - Atmospheric burner on a glass ceramic cooking hob

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Atmospheric burner on a glass ceramic cooking hob

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Atmosphärischer Gasbrenner mit einer Kochmulde mit einer Kochfläche aus Glaskeramik

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Brûleur atmosphérique dans une plaque de cuisson en vitro-céramique


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[origin: DE19742792C1] The assembly for an atmospheric gas burner (9) at a shaped cooker hotplate, of glass or ceramic materials, is a multi-part structure with the parts pressed together from above at the edge of the opening (14) at the shaped body (1) of the hotplate. Part of the hotplate body (1) structure (16) grips over as a collar (6) in a ring disc or frame shape, with inserted seals (5). The edge of the free inner section of the collar (6) forms a counter surface for the burner (9). A further part of the structure (13) is held from below by a spring unit (4) as a mounting and a counter surface at the under side of the shaped hotplate (1). The spring (4) exerts a force (F) to press the gas burner (9) against the shaped hotplate by pressure on the seal (5).

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