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Insulating web for composite profiles of window or door frames

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Isoliersteg für Verbundprofile von Fenster- oder Türrahmen

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Ame isolante de profilés composites de cadres de fenêtre ou de porte


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Abstract (en)

[origin: EP0906999A2] The heat insulating material has high porosity, at least in the region between its ends (2) which border against the composite profile section (6). The support section (1) is made of a high-strength material, e.g. polyamide, on and/or in which the regions of higher porosity material (3) are arranged. The support section is continuous between the ends. When installed, the support section of the insulating bridge between the profiles faces outwards. The increased porosity or volume increase is achieved by chemical and/or physical after-treatment, for example by spraying water on the still-soft plastic, or by use of chemical substances. The support section and region of higher porosity are co-extruded. The insulating bridging section has a transverse web (4) of a material of higher porosity. The porous material of the insulating bridging section and of the transverse web are the same and they are built in one piece.

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