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EP 0911437 B1 20000419 - Embroidery machine, particularly of the Schiffli type, with movable thread guide

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Embroidery machine, particularly of the Schiffli type, with movable thread guide

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Stickmaschine, insbesondere Schifflistickmaschine, mit beweglichem Fadenleiter

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Machine à broder, en particulier de type Schiffli, avec guide fil mobile


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EP 97810797 A 19971027

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[origin: EP0911437A1] The embroidery machine, and especially a shuttle embroidery machine, has an individual thread guide (17) which can be moved in and out of action for each embroidery point (S1-S3). A switch unit simultaneously moves the needles (15) and the thread guides (17) in and out of action at an embroidery point (S1-S3), and also acts on a further unit such as a fabric drill (43), thread brake and/or thread monitor at the embroidery point (S1-S3). A coupling (51,53,69), at a unit (15,43,17) to be switched in and out of action, engages a straight edge (33,42,37) according to the position of the switch unit for one or more embroidery points (S1-S3), or is held by the switch unit in a disengaged position. A spring holds the couplings in the engaged position, to be moved against the spring action by the switch unit. The switch unit has a trough at a switch rod to secure the coupling away from the straight edge. The switch unit is operated pneumatically. The thread guide (17) is between two thread deflectors, and moves across the line of thread travel in a vertical movement. An eyelet (65) is at a thread guide lever (63), which is given a translatory movement by a swing shaft (61). The thread guide lever can be linked at an intermediate lever, as a swing coupling. The thread guide lever (63) is operated by a unit (37,35,25,11) which is engaged and disengaged. A common drive shaft (11) operates a number of units (15,17) at an embroidery point (S1-S3) with an additional and independent switch unit to switch needles (15) and/or thread guide (17) at a needle slide. The thread guide (17) for one embroidery point is operated independently of the thread guides (17) at the other embroidery points.

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