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Apparatus for wrapping medium-sized products, particularly confectionery products

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Einwickelvorrichtung für Produkte mittlerer Grösse, insbesondere für Süsswaren

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Appareil pour envelopper des produits de taille moyenne, en particulier pour des produits de confiserie


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[origin: EP0913327A1] The apparatus for wrapping medium-sized products comprises a feeder (3) for the products (2) to be wrapped, which is provided with conveyor means (4) which can move in a horizontal advancement direction and on which a series of elements (8) for receiving a respective product (2) is distributed. The receiving elements (8) are shaped like a tray and have a median opening through which passage is allowed along a vertical plane which is longitudinally aligned with the horizontal advancement direction. An extractor (11) can move in the vertical feeding plane so as to pass through the median opening of one of the receiving elements (8), which is arranged in a transfer station. The extractor (11) is suitable to cooperate with a device (31) for dispensing a piece of material in sheet form (30) in order to transfer the product (2) and the piece of material in sheet form (30) to a head (40) for wrapping the product. <IMAGE>

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