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EP 0915195 B1 2002-09-18 - Device for connecting a heddle with a harness cord, heddle with such a device and loom with such a heddle

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Device for connecting a heddle with a harness cord, heddle with such a device and loom with such a heddle

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Vorrichtung zur Verbindung einer Weblitze mit einer Harnischkordel, Weblitze mit einer solchen Vorrichtung sowie Webmaschine mit einer solchen Weblitze

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Dispositif d'accrochage d'une lisse à un cordon, lisse de métier à tisser comprenant un tel dispositif d'accrochage et métier à tisser équipé d'une telle lisse


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[origin: EP0915195A1] The hitch to secure a heald (8) to a lifter cord (6), in a loom harness, has a molding (20) formed at the upper end of the heald, with an opening (22) to take the cord loop which is fixed by a sheath (24). The molding has two flexible legs (20B,20C) which can be distorted to reduce the apparent diameter of the molding, especially through the sheath (24). The legs extend from the molded base (20A) of the molding (20), and are held together at their ends by a molded strip (20D) with a thickness which is smaller than the leg width. The strip defines two passages (26,26') over the opening (22) in the molding. The strip has two cheeks (20E,20F), flanking the passages to guide the cord (6). The sections in contact with the cord have a relief surface structure (20G) to lock the cord in place. The lateral section of the unit has an H-shape. The upper end of the heald (8) is folded at right-angles to its axis, to lock into the molding.

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