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Loom espically wide loom

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Webmaschine insbesondere Breitwebmaschine

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Métier à tisser plus particulièrement métier à tisser en grande largeur


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EP 97810955 A 19971209

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[origin: EP0922801A1] The loom, and especially a wide loom, is a combination of a projectile loom (6) with a shaft drive and a number of shafts (7), a weft insertion mechanism and a sley (8) with a frame (1). The assembly also incorporates the function groups and components of a projectile loom. The frame (1) has at least one longitudinal carrier (20) across the loom width, giving a sufficient space over the shaft assemblies for the installation and removal of the shafts as packets. The carrier (20) has at least one shaft guide (11) at a holder (21) with height adjustment and/or a swing movement which allows for access to the shafts. A fabric retainer (12), with height adjustment, is at the carrier (21). The warp tensioner (2) is mounted to the frame (1), and the warp monitor (9) is at the frame (1) or loom (6). The projectile loom (6) is inserted into the frame (1). The frame (1) and warp beam frame are locked together at least at the side supports, to take up the lateral forces, at the floor level and/or the level of the upper warp beam axis. The fabric winder (10) is at the frame (1).

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