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Cup attaching apparatus

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Vorrichtung zum Anbringen eines Halteteils

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Appareil de glantage pour lentilles


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[origin: EP0933163A1] In a cup attaching apparatus, a cup (6) is attached as a processing jig to a subject lens (5) along a reference axis (L), the lens (5) and an index plate (14) having an index of a predetermined pattern are illuminated by substantially parallel rays of light shaped into a diameter larger than a diameter of the lens (5) so that an image of the lens (5) and an image of the index are projected onto a screen (2), and the index image projected onto the screen (2) is detected, whereas an entire image of the lens projected onto the screen (2) is picked up. An optical center of the lens (5) with respect to the reference axis (L) is obtained on the basis of the index image detected by said detecting means, thereby displaying in a superposed manner alignment information indicating a relative position of the optical center with respect to the reference axis (L) and the image thus picked up. The alignment is effected while observing the displayed information. <IMAGE>

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