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EP 0940734 B1 2002-09-04 - Striking clock with device for disconnecting the striking mechanism

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Striking clock with device for disconnecting the striking mechanism

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Schlagwerksuhr mit Vorrichtung zum Abschalten des Schlagwerkes

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Horloge avec sonnerie munie d'un dispositif pour déconnecter la sonnerie


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[origin: EP0940734A1] The device has a switch off device (60) for time-wise switching off of the count strike mechanism. The fall count of the strike mechanism falls with an axially sprung deflectable pin (35) of a key arm to an hour step (27) and is set in operation by a trigger lever actuated by a trigger cam of the minute hand. The switch off device (60) has a locking disk which is driven by the clockwork and which rotates once in 24 hours. The disk has a sector type locking cam and is scanned by a lever which is in operative connection with the trigger lever via a locking lever. The trigger lever alternately locks and releases the striking mechanism. The hour step (27) has a stroke curve arranged laterally in the contact region of the axially deflected pin (35). The curve (90) extends from the lowest radial step (N) of the hour step to radial steps of those hour strike counts at which the function of the striking mechanism is released again.

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