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EP 0942401 B1 20040922 - Method and device for signal safety in traffic light control systems

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Method and device for signal safety in traffic light control systems

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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Signalsicherung in Systemen mit Wechselverkehrszeichengebern

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Méthode et dispositif pour la fiabilité du signal dans les agencements de feu de signalisation


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[origin: EP0942401A2] The method involves transferring a demand state of a currently selected display (3) from a central unit (6) to an associated control element (4), which passes it to the display, determines the current actual state of the display and transfers it to all control elements and the central unit. Each control element and the central unit compare the actual state of the selected display with displayed actual states of the other displays. The control elements and/or central unit, which detect a conflict between the actual states of at least two displays, transfer a command to switch off the control elements associated with these displays, which switch the displays to a safe state.

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