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Fitting for door or window

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Tür- oder Fensterbeschlag

Title (fr)

Ferrure pour porte ou fenêtre


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Abstract (en)

[origin: EP0943767A2] At least one deformable or snap-off lug (45') is positioned between the driving rod (20) and its guide shoe (40), and a cross-direction ledge (19) extends at right angles to the rod length direction. When at least one end of the rod and/or cover rail (30) is extended during mounting of the fitting in the sash or frame, the lug and ledge form end fixtures providing a defined starting position for the rod with respect to the rail and enabling the rod and rail to be extended together. Movement of the rod will eventually result in the ledge deforming or breaking off the lug so that the rod is freely movable in its length direction relative to the rail. The lock fitting mounted on the sash or frame comprises a driving rod provided with a work member such as a sliding bolt and/or operating pin, which is moved in its length direction by an actuator handle. A cover rail secures the fitting to the sash or frame. A guide shoe for the rod includes a core section (41) extending through a slot (25) in the rod.

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