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EP 0956929 B2 2009-02-18 - Apparatus for cutting a product in wedge-like pieces

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Apparatus for cutting a product in wedge-like pieces

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Vorrichtung zum Zerschneiden eines Gegenstandes in keilförmige Stücke

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Dispositif pour la coupe d'un produit en morceaux cunéiformes


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[origin: EP0956929A2] The device has a cutter element (19), moved by a drive to execute a cutting movement within a cutting plane, which is mainly at right angles to the surface supporting the cheese. A transporter element (13) generates a relative movement in transport direction (A) between cheese and cutter element. The cutting plane of the cutter element is pivoted about an axis (21), which is at right angles to the support surface. The cutter element is moved by an actuator with esp. a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder, lever, mechanical cam drive, and/or servo drive.

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