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EP 0957293 B1 2002-11-27 - Electromagnetic screw-nut actuator

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Electromagnetic screw-nut actuator

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Elektromagnetische Betätigungseinrichtung mit Gewindespindelantrieb

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Actionneur électro-mécanique du type à système vis/écrou


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[origin: EP0957293A1] The actuator has a rotatable screw and nut and guide rod moved by screw rotation. There are rollers between the guide rod and the nut, these rollers having grooves and edges, cooperating with similar ones on the nut and guide rod to allow free translation of the guide rod w.r.t the nut. The electro-mechanical actuator has a rotatable screw (1) and a nut (2) and guide rod (3) which are moved by rotation of the screw (1). The actuator has a number of rollers (4,5) interposed between the guide rod (3) and the nut (2). These rollers (4,5) has a succession of complementary annular throats and edges, whilst the external surface of the nut (2) and the internal surface of guide rod (3) have also a number of complementary throats and edges on them. The throats and edges of the rollers (4,5) cooperate with those on the nut (2) and guide rod (3) so as to transmit to the nut (2) the axial force on the guide rod (3) when the rollers (4,5) are in a held position. The nut (2) and/or the guide rod (3) have slots (2a) whose angular position is designed to coincide with those of the rollers (4,5) when they are released. These slots enable the disengagement of at least some of the throats and edges so as to free the guide rod (3) by movement with respect to the nut (2). The actuator includes means for displacing the rollers from their locked position to their released position.

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