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Electronic entertainment equipment with power supply cutoff in standby mode

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Gerät der Unterhaltungselektronik mit Netzabschaltung im Bereitschaftsbetrieb

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Appareil électronique d'agrément avec interruption d'alimentation en mode d'attente


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[origin: EP0962950A2] The equipment (1) has an energy storage device (3) that supplies a remote control receiver (4) in standby mode and a switch (5) that can be operated in standby mode that can close and/or open at least one contact pair in response to a control signal from the receiver or to mechanical operation of the switch. The switch causes a change between standby and on modes by easy manual operation of a first thrust rod acting on a stepping switch so that a first contact pair can be closed or opened depending on its current state. This can also be effected in response to a signal from the receiver to a magnetic coil in the stepping switch. The switch can be manually set to a further operating mode for complete isolation from the mains. An Independent claim is also included for a switch for the equipment.

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