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EP 0967315 B1 20020731 - Method of using a device having a nozzle manifold generating liquid jets for interlacing fibers on a textile web

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Method of using a device having a nozzle manifold generating liquid jets for interlacing fibers on a textile web

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Verfahren zur Verwendung eine Vorrichtung mit einem Düsenbalken zur Erzeugung von Flüssigkeitsstrahlen zur Strahlverflechtung von Fasern an einer textilen Bahn

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Méthode d'utilisation d'un dispositif avec support de buses produisant des jets de liquide destinés à entrelacer les fibres sur une bande textile


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[origin: EP0967315A1] The appts. to bond a textile web, using water jets to tangle the material fibers, has a jet beam (1) which moves to and fro at right angles to the direction (32) of the material (31) movement. The jet beam (1) is coupled to a mechanism which gives a rapid reciprocating movement, such as a vibrator which alone gives the rapid and changing swing movements (37). The swing movements (37) of the jet beam (1) are in a frequency of at least 10 Hz for a fabric (31) movement speed of at least 1 m/min. The jets have a dia. of ≤ 0.1 mm, and the amplitude of the beam swing movements is ≤ 50% of the jet interval in the jet plate, but ≤ 20 mm such as for a jet interval of at least 0.32 mm in a density of 40 holes/inch. The jet water pressure is at least 30 bar. The prodn. speed (V) to give the forwards movement of the textile material is dependent on the equation: V ≤ Wmax x b divided by l, where the max. speed Wmax=F x A x 2 pi and F is the frequency of the reciprocating movement(1/s,Hz), A is the amplitude (m), b the material width (m) and l the strip interval (m). The value b is d x mu where d is the jet opening dia., and mu a factor relating to the material for the strip development. The amplitude of the jet beam (1) swing movements is 0.32-30,0 mm, and pref. 5-10 mm. The jet beam (1) swings at a frequency of 10-200 Hz and pref. 50 Hz. The oscillating forces from the vibrator are applied at the center of gravity of the jet beam (1), and the vibrator is independent of the carrier housing in a suspension at the jet beam (1). The assembly can have a number of jet beams in succession, with alternating fiber web underlays which are permeable to water, with jet beam movements through a vibrator at only the final or the last two jet beams. Or the assembly has two jet beams, both with swing movements against each other.

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