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[origin: WO9841702A1] An apparatus for removing odoriferous air from a flushable toilet (1) comprises air passage means (17) having an inlet (18) for disposing in or adjacent to the toilet bowl, support means (26) for maintaining the inlet in position, coupling means (25) for coupling an outlet (23) of the air passage means to a drain or sewer pipe (6) so as to bypass a U-bend (4) of the toilet, air extractor means (22) for drawing air from the toilet bowl along the air passage means to the drain or sewer pipe, and air flow control means, conveniently in the form of a variable liquid seal in a U-shaped portion (20) of the air passage means, piston and cylinder means being provided for enabling the air passage means to be alternated between a closed condition in which air is prevented from flowing from the outlet to the inlet and an open condition in which air may flow freely from the inlet to the outlet. A toilet (1) incorporating such apparatus for removing odoriferous air is also claimed. In a preferred embodiment the action of the air flow control means is linked to the action of the toilet lid.

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