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EP 0968914 A1 2000-01-05 - Device for and method of applying work to internal surfaces of a vessel hold

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Device for and method of applying work to internal surfaces of a vessel hold

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Gerät und Verfahren zum Bearbeiten von Innenoberflächen eines Schiffsladeraumes

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Dispositif et méthode pour travailler les surfaces intérieures des cales d'un bateau


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Abstract (en)

A self-contained device for cleaning and coating hold surfaces in a bulk carrier includes four major components, namely a horizontally mobile vertical tower (28) (e.g., with walking beams (30) for permitting the device to move into the four corners of the hold (12) into which it has been lowered), a vertical trolley (32) for permitting the workers to reach with their equipment all elevations within the hold, a horizontal trolley (34) for permitting the workers to achieve optimum proximity to a wall surface (24), and cleaning and coating support equipment and systems (36). The device can be lifted into and out of the cargo hold altogether, or in sections. A walkway on the horizontal trolley (34) preferably extends on all four sides, in order to permit working from at least two sides simultaneously for each of four positions of the base on the bottom of the hold. For cleaning and coating, automated abrasive blasting equipment (70) and automated coating spraying equipment (76) is provided for horizontal travel along each of the four sides of the horizontal trolley, e.g., on the safety rail. <IMAGE>

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