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Device and method for treating textiles

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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur Behandlung von Textilien

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Dispositif et procédé pour le traitement des textiles


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Device for treating textile, comprising a tank (2) for holding treatment liquid (3), conveyor means (4) for conveying a textile substrate (7) which is to be treated through the tank (2), a transducer (8) for generating ultrasonic vibrations in the treatment liquid (3), an interference element (19) placed opposite the transducer for together delimiting a vibration cavity (13), wherein the transducer (8) together with the interference element (19) is designed to generate an interference pattern in the vibration cavity (13) of ultrasonic vibrations amplifying each other, in which a concentration area (11) of intensified vibration energy occurs at a distance from the transducer (8) and the interference element (19), in which the conveyor means (4) are designed to guide the textile substrate (7) through the concentration area (11), and in which energy of the ultrasonic vibrations is destined to dissipate by means of cavitation in the concentration area (11) at the location of the textile substrate (7). <IMAGE>

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