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Ignition apparatus for boiler

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Zündvorrichtung für Heizkessel

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Dispositif d'allumage pour chaudière


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An ignition apparatus for a boiler capable of preventing a wrong operation of a control circuit is provided. In the ignition apparatus for a boiler, a sparking plug performs an igniting operation of the gas supplied into the burner. Spark plug has an insulator mounted to a back wall of the combustion chamber and two leads extending from both ends of the insulator. A high voltage transformer generates a high voltage necessary to ignite the burner and applies the high voltage to the spark plug. Two connecting terminals are formed at one end of high voltage transformer. Two leads are inserted into two connecting terminals. A driver is mounted to the control circuit in such a way that the driver is connected to the spark plug and drives the spark plug. A wire connects the high voltage transformer and the driver. A power supply is mounted to a control circuit in such a way that the power supply is electrically connected to the driver and supplies power to the driver in order to control an operation of the driver. According to the ignition apparatus, discharge noise of a high voltage generated in a high voltage cable according to the conventional ignition apparatus does not affect the control circuit to thereby prevent a wrong operation of the control circuit. <IMAGE>

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