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Add-on electrical assembly with light transmission means

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Elektrischer Zusatzzusamenbau mit Licht-Übertragungsmittel

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Assemblage électrique additionnel avec des moyens de transmission lumineuse


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EP 98109972 A 19980602

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An add-on electrical assembly (10) is provided for association with an electrical connector for receiving a complementary mating plug to a circuit board. The electrical connector may be a standard modular jack (12) including a connector housing (16) having a front face (18) with a receptacle (20) receiving the plug, a top wall (22), a rear wall (24) and a bottom face (26) adapted for mounting on the circuit board. A plurality of terminals each include one end extending into the receptacle for making electrical contact with a corresponding terminal on the plug and the other end (38) adapted to contact the circuit board. A separate LED assembly 10 is provided with housing (40) for mounting over the top and rear walls (22,24) of the connector housing. A light emitting device (46) is mounted on the LED housing (40) and is viewable through a front face (42a) thereof adjacent the receptacle (20). Conductors (50) extend from the light emitting device (46) through the LED housing (40) for connection to the circuit board. <IMAGE>

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