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EP 0969559 A2 2000-01-05 - Electrical receptacle contact

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Electrical receptacle contact

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Elektrische Anschlussbuchse

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Contact de prise électrique


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An electrical receptacle contact (1) is provided, consisting of a contacting region (2) for contacting a complementary contact blade and a connecting region (3) for connection to an electrical conductor, the contacting region (2) being of box-shaped design with a top wall (8) and a bottom wall (9), and further the contacting region (2) comprises two parallel first contact tongues (13) formed in the bottom wall (9), the top wall (9) comprising at least one first stamping (12) which is oriented into the box-shaped contact region (2) and is intended for contacting the contact blade and which lies opposite the first contact spring tongues (13), and further a web (15) is provided in the bottom wall (9) between the first contact spring tongues (13), running parallel to the first contact spring tongues (13), the web (15) comprising a second stamping (16) which is oriented into the box-shaped contacting region (2) and serves as a protection against overstressing for the first contact spring tongues (13). <IMAGE>

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