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AC power plug assembly

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AC plug assembly adapted for a housing (10) of electric device made of insulating plastic material which is provided with two openings (11). This plug assembly comprises a pin block (20) including a connecting member (22) and a pair of plug pins (21) integrally formed in the connecting member (22) to permit the plug pins (21) to be protruded out of the housing through the openings (11) formed in the housing (10). The pin block (20) is preferably fixed to the housing by engaging between a first engaging section formed in the connecting member (22) in the vicinity of the base portion of the plug pin (21) and a second engaging section formed in the opening (11) of the housing. The first engaging section is preferably composed of a flange (23) and an annular groove (24). The second engaging section is preferably formed in an annular internal edge (13). These annular groove (24) and annular internal edge (13) can be fit with each other to prevent the plug pins (21) from falling off. Further, the connecting member (22) is fixed securely to the housing through a screw bolt (12). <IMAGE>

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