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Stencil printing apparatus

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Dispositif d'impression par stencil


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Provided is a stencil printing apparatus which comprises a cylindrical drum (1) wound with a perforated stencil sheet (2) on its outer peripheral surface and rotated around its central axis, a squeezing means (3) disposed internally contacting with the inner peripheral surface of the drum and supplying a stencil printing ink (6) to the outer peripheral surface of the drum, and a pressing mechanism (4) pressing at least one of the drum and a printing paper (5), thereby to bring the drum and the printing paper into close contact with each other and to transfer the ink onto the printing paper through the perforated stencil sheet, in which the peripheral wall of the cylindrical drum comprises an ink-permeable porous member which generates heat upon passing an electric current therethrough. The peripheral wall may comprise a cylindrical porous material (1a) and a porous layer (1b) of a heat generating resistance element, which are laminated on each other. According to the present stencil printing, the ink may be one that reversibly changes in phase from solid state to liquid state at a specific temperature, and thus warm-up time before starting the printing can be shortened and besides heat energy can be efficiently utilized.

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