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Coupling piece for roof gutter parts

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Kupplungsstück für Dachrinnen

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Pièce d'accouplement pour gouttières


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Device for roof gutter parts (2a,2b) to be connected to each other, which roof gutter parts have a front wall (6a,6b), a bottom wall (3a,3b) and a rear wall (4a,4b), which merge into each other via discontinuities -such as buckles-, comprising two coupling members (8,9), which each substantially follow the shape of the roof gutter parts in cross-section, as well as means for biassing the coupling members to each other to hold the adjacent ends of the roof gutter parts in between them, the upper coupling member being provided with at least one receiving space, such as a channel, for attaching a sealing profile therein which profile is destined to lie on the ends of the roof gutter parts, the sealing profile being formed by injection moulding, the biassing means being adapted to exert a pressure force on the sealing profile to press it against the inner surface of the gutter wall. <IMAGE>

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