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Exhaust gas sampling method using a flow rate detector with variable Venturi

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Verfahren zur Entnahme einer Abgasprobe unter Verwendung eines Durchflussmengenmessers mit veränderbarem Venturiabschnitt

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Méthode d'échantillonnage de gaz d'échappement utilisant un débitmètre à Venturi variable


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A flow rate detector mechanism using variable Venturi therein, comprising: a variable flow rate , generator, comprising: a core 11; and a variable Venturi 12; wherein a throat (flow passage) cross-sectional area defined between the core and the venturi is able to be changed by shifting relative positions of the core and the venturi in a direction of axes thereof, and further comprising a flow rate calculation processing portion 30 for calculating a flow rate based on the relative positions in the direction of the axes thereof and for outputting the calculated flow rate, thereby continuously changing the constant flow rate, without occurrence of any disturbance therein. Further, with an exhaust gas sampling method applying the flow rate detector mechanism using variable Venturi, CVS flow rate is changed within the range of the phases of measure modes, so as to make small the difference between the peak dew point in the bag and the final dew point in the bag, as well as to causethe final dew point to approach the temperature at which the bag is kept. Therefore, the dilution ratio of the final dew point is decreased, so as to improve the accuracy in analysis. <IMAGE>

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