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EP 0971344 B9 2009-02-18 - Optical recording medium

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Optical recording medium

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Optisches Aufzeichnungsmedium

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Médium d' enregistrement optique


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[origin: EP0971344A1] An optical recording medium incorporating a supporting body; a recording portion which is formed on either main surface of the supporting body and on which a signal is recorded; and a light permeable layer formed on the recording portion, wherein light is applied from a position adjacent to the light permeable layer to record/reproduce a signal, and carboxylic acid amine salt expressed by general formula (1) and/or general formula (2) is held on the surface which is irradiated with light <CHEM> where n is an integer from 1 to 3, each of R1 and R2 is hydrogen or a hydrocarbon group, R3 is a hydrocarbon group and Rf is a perfluoroalkyl group having three or more carbon atoms, <CHEM> where at least either of R1 and R2 is perfluoroalkyl group having three or more carbon atoms, at least any one of R1, R2, R3, R4 and R5 is hydrocarbon group having 12 or more carbon atoms and the rest of them are hydrogen or hydrocarbon group. <IMAGE>

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