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Heating-extruding and solidifying apparatus of combustible low-level radioactive wastes

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Vorrichtung zum Extrudieren, Erhitzen und Verfestigen von brennbaren, schwach radioaktiven Abfallstoffen

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Appareil d'extrusion, chauffage et solidification de déchets combustibles de faible niveau de radioactivité


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EP 98112545 A 19980707

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An apparatus for heating-extruding and solidifying combustible low-level radioactive wastes comprises a hopper 2 for temporarily storing combustible radioactive wastes and a heating-extruding axis 3 having an extruding screw, said heating-extruding axis being provided with a heating element at its cylinder. A rotary press 4 is located at the outlet of said heating-extruding axis 3 for heating and pressing heated and extruded wastes. Systems 15 and 19 are located around said rotary press 4 for performing simultaneous heating and cooling operation. Said rotary press 4 is provided with a lift type rotary pusher 5 for demolding pressed and solidified wastes. Accumulator 7 is disposed at the wastes carrying-out side of said rotary press 4. A forward and backward remover is disposed at the front of said accumulator 7 for pulling said molded wastes 8 on the lift pusher 5 and carrying said molded wastes 8 toward accumulator 7. An inhalation duct 10 is disposed at a location where gas generated from the outlet of said heating-extruding axis 3 and the inlet of said rotary press 4 is inhaled, i.e., at the top of said rotary press, said inhalation duct 10 being connected to a HEPA filter 11 through a duct. The outlet of said filter is connected to an inhalation fan 12, the outlet of said inhalation fan 12 being connected to a scrubber 13. Said scrubber 13 having a circulation water tank 14. <IMAGE>

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