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Secondary locked electrical connector

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Elekktrischer Verbinder mit Sekundärverriegelung

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Connecteur électrique à verrouillage secondaire


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An electrical connector (10) comprising a connector housing (12) including a main body (11) and an insert (15), the main body having a front face (16), a rear face (18), and a plurality of terminal receiving cavities (14) extending in a longitudinal direction (A) between the front and rear faces, each terminal receiving cavity being defined in part by opposed side walls (26,28), and a flexible beam (34) which is attached at a first end (36) to the front face and at a second end (38) to the rear face and which has a rigid locking tab (42) extending into the terminal receiving cavity, the insert having a planar front portion (19) positioned adjacent the front face and an arm portion (21) which makes a sliding fit in a direction substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal direction in a slot (17) in the main body, the slot opening through the front face and into each terminal receiving cavity on a side opposite to the flexible beam, the arm portion defining a rigid side (24) of each terminal receiving cavity and having a rigid locking tab (30) extending into each terminal receiving cavity; and a female electrical terminal (22) positioned in one of the terminal receiving cavities and having a recess (27) for receiving the locking tab on the flexible beam in a snap fit, a recess (58) for receiving the locking tab on the arm portion in a sliding fit, and a first end (46) for receiving a male terminal inserted through an opening (64) in the front portion of the insert. The connector is simple in design, easy to manufacture, and provides a rigid to rigid locking feature. <IMAGE>

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