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EP 0972122 A1 2000-01-19 - Device for generating periodic waves in a basin

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Device for generating periodic waves in a basin

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Vorrichtung zur Erzeugung von periodischen Wellen in einem Becken

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Dispositif de création de vagues périodiques dans un bassin


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[origin: WO9845553A1] The invention concerns a device for making waves in a liquid (2) contained in a pond (1) such as a swimming pool, by the substantially vertical reciprocating motion of a body placed within the liquid or at the surface thereof. The body is a shell (3) capable of being filled with said liquid (2). The shell (3) is connected by linking means (4) to an element capable of periodically applying an upward-oriented force in a substantially vertical direction, then in lowering said shell (3) again. The shell (3) preferably comprises a horizontal base and substantially vertical side walls.

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