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Thermal lithographic printing plate precursor with excellent shelf life

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Lagerstabiler Vorläufer für eine thermische Flachdruckplatte

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Précurseur de plaque d'impression lithographique thermique de longue conservation


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A negative working non-ablative lithographic printing plate precursor is provided which comprises a metal support such as an anodised aluminium plate and provided thereon a layer or a stack of layers, wherein at least one layer comprises a near infrared light absorbing compound which is the main component of said layer(s). As the amount of other reactive compounds besides the near infrared light absorbing compound is less than 20% by weight, excellent storage stability is obtained. In a highly preferred embodiment the layer or stack of layers is substantially free from said other reactive compounds. The material is very suitable for computer-to-plate and computer-to-press applications as it can be used as a printing master directly after exposure or may be processed by rinsing with plain water.

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