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Apparatus for cleaning the doffer of a carding machine

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Vorrichtung zum Reinigen der Abnahmewalze einer Karde

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Appareil pour le nettoyage du cylindre débourreur d'une machine de cardage


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EP 98810686 A 19980716

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The clearer roller for a stripping roller (46) has bristles (50) mounted in several segments that are bolted to a shaft to form a sleeve (59). Preferably two segments are used to give a carrier 90 to 150 mm diameter. An Independent claim is also included for the use of a rotating brush as a clearer for the stripping roller (46) on a card in a position after the fiber web (63) has been removed. The brush rotates at less than 2000 r.p.m. to generate an airflow to lift residues into a suction hood. Alternatively the bristles can penetrate the wire (64) to remove residues directly.

Abstract (de)

Eine Vorrichtung zum Reinigen der garnierten Fläche der Abnahmewalze (46) einer (Wanderdeckel)Karde, die eine mit Borsten (50) versehene, mit einer vorgegebenen Drehzahl rotierende Bürste (51A) aufweist. <IMAGE>

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