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Roof gutter

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Gouttière de toiture


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A bar-like projection (10) is provided on the side of a roof gutter (8) remote from the pitched roof to which it is attached. The projection is preferably located at the upper edge (9) of the gutter. In a preferred arrangement, the projection can be located at a rolled-over top edge of the gutter. Projections preferably extend over the whole length of the gutter and slope at an angle of 60 deg. to the horizontal or less. They can be formed integrally with the gutter or can form a separate component which is attached by fasteners to the gutter.

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Dachrinne (1) zur Anbringung an einem außenliegenden Ende eines Schrägdaches (2); dadurch gekennzeichnet, daß an der von der Dachseite abgewandten Seite der Dachrinne (8) ein von der Dachseite wegweisender abstehender stegartiger Vorsprung (10) vorgesehen ist. <IMAGE>

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