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Sports floor

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Plancher de sport


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A floor comprises: a resilient under-layer (1); at least two mutually adjacent plate parts (2) which are placed on the under-layer (1) and which on their edge zones directed toward each other have respective longitudinal grooves (4) which are arranged at equal distances relative to the upper surfaces of the plate parts (2); a top layer (10) arranged on the plate parts (2); and at least one connecting plate which slots fittingly into the grooves (4) of both plates (2); wherein the connecting plate forms part of a generally I-shaped connecting profile (5) which comprises a second connecting plate (7) arranged at a distance from the first connecting plate (8) and connected via a body (6), wherein each connecting plate (7,8) comprises two flanges extending on either side of the body (6), which flanges co-act pairwise with a part of said edge zones extending therebetween; wherein both flanges have different widths on one side of the body (6), wherein the narrower flange slots into the groove (4) and the wider flange lies between the plate parts (2) and the under-layer (1), wherein the upper surface of the lower flange is flat and the lower surface of a plate part (2) is flat and said flat upper surface of said flange and said flat lower surface of said plate part (2) are in mutual contact. <IMAGE>

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