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Method of using an image forming apparatus

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Verfahren zur Verwendung eines Bilderzeugungsgerätes

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Méthode d'utilisation d'un appareil de formation d'images


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A plurality of electrostatic images are formed on a moving tensioned belt (26) comprising an electrically conductive base (58) having a non-conductive image-carrying surface layer (59). The images are developed by passing the belt through a plurality of toner development stations, each of which includes a development unit (35, 36, 37, 38) including a magnetic roller (51) and a backing member (53), in opposed position to the magnetic roller (51), over which the belt (26) passes. Under non-ideal conditions (defined in the text), the image quality in terms of image density and uniformity of image density and rendition of sharp image transitions, is substantially improved by using an alternating electrical field between the magnetic roller (51) and the belt (26), the peak-to-peak voltage of which is greater than 800 volts. <IMAGE>

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