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[origin: WO9846474A2] A portable, personal scooter is disclosed which is small, lightweight, and foldable for enhanced portability. A motorized version is controlled by a controller sensitive to platform load, among other things. Brake and suspension systems are shown, as are skids ahead of the rear wheels for navigating road hazards. Advantageous combinations of pivotable bearings and joints enable the scooter to be tilt-steered and easily folded for portage and storage. The arrangement of bearings and pivots provides for several folded configurations. The "half-folded" configuration is partially collapsed and permits the user either to carry it or to tow it on its rear wheels, much like wheeled airport luggage. The "fully-folded" configuration can be the size of a briefcase and easily carried, stored, or shipped. A collapsible brace provides rigidity for the steering shaft while allowing it to be turned for steering and to be tilted laterally. A special wheel suspension mechanism helps the front road wheel pass over an obstacle such as a curb. Wheel braking and suspension systems are also disclosed. Methods of collapsing and transporting the scooter are also disclosed.

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