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It is formed by a sheet of paper comprising: a first line of fold (16) close to the lower transverse border (7i) and which determines a short lower end portion (18) of the sheet of paper; at least one pair of second lines of fold (20, 22, 120, 122), each pair formed by a near line of fold (20, 120) and a distant line of fold (22, 122). The sheet of paper has ÄiÜ a first fold about the first line of fold (16), causing the face-to-face arrangement of front surface portions (18a, 28a); ÄiiÜ at least one second fold about the near lines of fold (20, 120), causing the face-to-face arrangement of front surface portions; and ÄiiiÜ at least one third fold about one of the distant lines (22, 122), causing the face-to-face arrangement of rear surface portions. <IMAGE>

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