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Perfected container for recycling

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Récipient de recyclage


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"PERFECTED CONTAINER FOR RECYCLING", of the type used in urban or rural areas for the collection of recyclable litter, constituted by a central bell-shaped or parallelopipedic body, having in the upper part one or two openings for the entry of the recyclable material (2), and a traditional unloading mechanism consisting of two rings (3) for the anchorage of the crane of the collection lorry, and a lower door, characterised essentially because it presents a parallelopipedic form with in the upper part of its four faces one or two entry openings, being able to present also on one lateral face (4) or two opposite lateral faces, a perforation (5) in the central area which serves as a seating for the placing of a reception window for material (6), constituted by a parallelopipedic body open on the lower face or base, which has available on the outer side (7) an entry opening (8) fitted with a hinged flap (9) which folds towards the interior of the container, and also a relief of variable design (18) for identification of the container by blind people. <IMAGE>

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