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Safety belt for riders on horseback

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Sicherheitsgurt für Reiter

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Ceinture de sécurité pour cavalier


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Safety device for keeping a rider fastened to the saddle of a horse and allowing his natural movement, comprising two winders/unwinders (21, 22) of safety belts fastened to the saddle. The end parts of said safety belts are fastened to a band (30) tied around the rider's waist and provided with a quick clasping/releasing device (31) and with an emergency device (40) for automatic release of said band, which is controlled by at least one sensor (50) which is fastened to the saddle and/or to the rider's back. Said sensor emits a signal suitable for allowing the immediate opening of said emergency device when the horse inclines its back beyond a certain predetermined angle with respect to the horizontal for a predetermined time period and/or when the rider inclines his back beyond predetermined angles. <IMAGE>

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