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Extracting belt guide of a combing machine

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Führungsvorrichtung des Abreissriemens einer Kämmaschine

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Dispositif de guidage du manchon d'arrachage d'une peigneuse rectiligne


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The guide mechanism for the drawing-off apron in a rectilinear combing machine has one additional deflection cylinder (7). The lower (4) and upper (8) drawing-off cylinders are fixed to the moving carrier (1). At least one initial deflection cylinder (5) and the funnel (10) are mounted to the machine frame (2). At least two deflection cylinders (5,6) and the funnel (10) are locked to the machine frame (2), while a third deflection cylinder (7) is locked to the moving carrier (1). The deflection cylinder (7) at the carrier (1) is placed near the deflection cylinder (6) mounted to the frame (2) and, in operation, is at a gap from the pivot point (1') of the moving carrier (1) which is smaller than the gap between the deflection cylinder (6) at the frame (2) and the carrier swing point (1'), and which is larger than the gap between the drawing-off cylinders (4,8) and the deflection cylinder (6) at the frame (2). All the deflection cylinders (5-7) can be mounted to the machine frame (2), where at least one cylinder (7) is on a spring mounting. The spring mounting is an oscillating arm, which pivots at one end on the frame (2), with the deflection cylinder (7) at the other end and held by a return spring. Its swing movement is through a connecting rod linked to the carrier (1) with an adjustment to the amplitude of the swing movements. The connecting rod has a length adjustment setting, or it can be an adjustable piston with a slide connection to the carrier. The spring mounting can also be a slide which supports the deflection cylinder (7), operated by a compression spring. The reciprocating movement of the carrier (1) can be through a cam system. A stripper cylinder (9) is on the frame (2), between the funnel (10) and the end of the drawing-off apron (3).

Abstract (fr)

La présente invention concerne un dispositif de guidage du manchon d'arrachage d'une peigneuse rectiligne. comportant un chariot (1) mobile par rapport au bâti (2) de la machine, un manchon d'arrachage (3) tendu entre un cylindre arracheur inférieur (4) et au moins un premier cylindre de détour (5). au moins un cylindre arracheur supérieur (8) coopérant, en outre, avec le cylindre arracheur inférieur (4), et un entonnoir (10) monté en aval du manchon d'arrachage (3). Dispositif, caractérisé en ce que seul un cylindre de détour (7) supplémentaire et les cylindres arracheurs inférieur (4) et supérieur (8) sont solidarisés avec le chariot mobile (1), au moins le premier cylindre de détour (5) et l'entonnoir (10) étant solidarisés avec le bâti (2) de la machine. L'invention est plus particulièrement applicable dans le domaine de l'industrie textile, en particulier des peigneuses rectilignes <IMAGE>

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