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Automotive soil treating machine

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Machine automotrice de traitement du sol


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A vehicular automotive soil treating machine having a main frame structure (2) provided on an automotive drive means to support thereon a soil feeding stage (3) including at least a soil hopper (20) and an additive hopper (30) for feeding soil and an additive soil improving material, a soil processing stage including a soil processing trough (60) which is internally provided with a mixing means (64, 66) for mixing soil and additive material while being transferred from one to the other end of the soil processing trough, and a processed soil discharging stage (5) including a soil discharging conveyer (73) for transferring processed soil of improved quality in a predetermined direction. The soil processing trough (60) is provided with an inlet opening on the upper side of its fore end portion to receive soil and additive material therethrough, and an outlet opening on the bottom side of its rear end portion to discharge processed soil of improved quality toward the discharging conveyer. <IMAGE>

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