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Winding tube for roller shutter

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Wickelwelle für Rolladenpanzer

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Tube d'enroulement pour tablier de volet roulant


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Abstract (en)

The tube has alternating section of two different radii, ensuring support of rolled blind and also ensuring grip on the motor drive within the tube. It has a rib formed in its circumference, extending parallel to axis, ensuring support on drive bearing. The tube for carrying the roll of material forming a roller blind comprises a series of alternating first and second channels (7,8). The channels lie alternately around the circumference of the tube and comprise a lower sections (8) which are in contact with the guide bearing (9), and upper sections (7) which are spaced away from the bearing. There may be three pairs of sections, situated at 120 degree intervals around the circumference of the tube. One of the lower sections (8) includes an upward facing notch (12) which enables it to cooperate with a projecting rib (13) on the outside of the guide bearing (9). This structure enables the drive from the motor-reducing gear to be applied to the roller blind support tube.

Abstract (fr)

Tube d'enroulement (1) pour tablier de volet roulant, caractérisé en ce qu'il comporte une succession de premières et secondes cannelures (7,8) alternées selon la circonférence du tube (1), les parois de fond des secondes cannelures (8) étant en contact d'un palier de guidage (9) d'un moto-réducteur, lesdites cannelures (7,8) possédant en outre au moins une réservation (12) de matière permettant la coopération avec une zone (13) en relief venue du palier de guidage (9) du moto-réducteur. <IMAGE>

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