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Sealing joint for a refrigerator door

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Abdichtungsvorrichtung für Kühlschranktür

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Joint d'étanchéité pour porte de réfrigérateur


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The joint includes a head (1) where a housing (2) is formed for the location of magnetic strips, this head (1) being connected to a base (3) defining a fastening plate (6) against the door (5) of the refrigerator. The connection between the fastening base (6) and the head (1) is done by means of connecting walls (4) and (4'). There may be a vault-shaped reinforcing wall (8) that is connected by its ends to the plate (6), and on whose wall (8) the walls (4) and (4') are connected close to the connecting ends of said wall (8), which may be complemented with an inside reinforcing wall (9) between the fastening plate (6) and the reinforcing wall (8). The reinforcing wall (9) is projected from a point close to the center of the fastening plate (6) up to an area close to the connection between the wall (4') and the reinforcing wall (8). By means of said joint the opening and closing forces are distributed on the part of the surface of the fastening plate (6), pulling at the area of the ends of the arch that forms the reinforcing wall (8), with which the glued connection has more resistance against the separation. <IMAGE>

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