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Automatic personal computer shutdown apparatus and method

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Anordnung und Verfahren zur automatischen Abschaltung eines Personalrechners

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Dispositif et procédé d'arrêt automatique pour ordinateur personnel


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An apparatus and method are presented that provide low energy consumption of a personal computer in an inactive state. In an automatic shutdown apparatus for a personal computer having a monitoring means (2) that monitors the active state of a personal computer, a time measurement means (3) that starts the time measurement when an inactive state is detected and ends the time measurement when an active state is detected, a setting means (1) that sets the measurement expiration time for the time, a detection means (6) that detects whether or not the measurement time agrees with the measurement expiration time, and a control means (9) that shuts down the personal computer when agreement is detected, and wherein after saving files in use and terminating processing of active files, the personal computer is shut down. <IMAGE>

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