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Electrical connector terminal and electrical connector with same

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Elektrischer Endkontakt und mit diesem Verbinder

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Pièce terminale électrique et connecteur la contenant


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The present invention is adapted to provide an improved terminal for use in electrical connectors, with the preferred embodiment of the connector being a double pole electrical connector having a reduced number of parts, and a construction adapted for reducing the overall length of the electrical connector in the forward and rear direction. The double pole electrical connector comprises and insulative housing, two conductive terminals arranged in parallel relationship along the forward and rear direction of the insulative housing, and fitting nails outwardly extending from both side surfaces of the insulative housing in generally flush arrangement with a bottom surface of the insulative housing. The fitting nails are soldered to simultaneously establish connection between the conductive terminals and an external circuit, and fixing of the insulative housing to the substrate containing the external circuit. <IMAGE>

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