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EP 0975075 A2 2000-01-26 - A method for producing a spark plug

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A method for producing a spark plug

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Herstellungsverfahren einer Zündkerze

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Méthode de fabrication d'une bougie d'allumage


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A method for producing a spark plug comprising a central electrode, an insulator provided exterior to the central electrode, main metallic shell provided exterior to the insulator in such a way that the central electrode protrudes from one end, and a ground electrode coupled at one end to the metallic shell and which has the other end disposed to face the central electrode (3), with a chip being secured to either the central electrode or the ground electrode or both to form spark discharge gap (g). The chip is made by working an alloy including Ir based alloy, including Rh in an amount ranging from 3 wt.% to less than 50 wt.% to a chip of desired dimensions. <IMAGE>

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