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Method for treating semiconductor material

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Verfahren zum Behandeln von Halbleitermaterial

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Procédé de traitement de matériau semiconducteur


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For the processing of semiconductor materials, such as for the prodn. of solar cells, the semiconductor rods (1) of polycrystalline silicon are in a liquid medium and are subjected to shock waves from an energy converter (4). The energy converter is at a gap of 1-100 cm from the semiconductor rods. The shock waves from an arc between electrodes (8), through an elastic membrane (7), have a pulse energy of 1-20 kJ and a pulse increase time of 1-5 mu s to the max. energy level. The energy converter is a semi-ellipsoid reflector. The working surfaces of the transport and positioning units are of plastics to prevent any soiling of the semiconductor materials. The inner surfaces of the chamber are coated with plastics, where the semiconductor materials are broken down.

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