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Pulverized coal burner

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Brûleur à charbon pulvérisé


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In pulverized coal burning boiler for generating steam for power generation or factory, a larger capacity of the burner can be achieved without increasing number of the burners attached to the boiler and without increasing the capacity per each of the burners. A pulverized coal mixture to be supplied in tangential direction with respect to imaginary circle in horizontal plane of furnace is made rich on centeral side of the imaginary circle by arranging a rich/lean separating body within the pulverized coal mixture nozzle, or dividing front end of the pulverized coal mixture vertically into upper and lower portions so as to introduce ignition promoting air between the nozzle front end and injecting outlet port, or biasing the pulverized coal mixture nozzle with respect to the air nozzle, thereby making it possible to enlarge the capacity of the pulverized coal burner.

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