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Deflection yoke, cathode ray tube apparatus using thereof and display device

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Ablenkjoch, dieses Ablenkjoch verwendende Kathodenstrahlröhre und Anzeigevorrichtung

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Bobine de déviation, tube à rayons cathodiques l'utilisant et dispositif d'affichage


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In a deflection yoke to be attached on a neck portion of a cathode ray tube for use, showing over 90 DEG and equal or less than 115 DEG in deflection angle thereof and having the neck being equal or greater than phi 18 mm and equal or less than phi 26 mm in diameter thereof, thickness of a magnetic core is thinned in vertical direction with respect to in horizontal direction, and sizes of horizontal and vertical deflection coils and the magnetic core are selected to be equal or greater than 80 mm and equal or less than 100 mm, equal or greater than 50 mm and equal or less than 70 mm, and equal or greater than 30 mm and equal or less than 50 mm, respectively, and further the magnetic core is positioned near to the neck portion side of the cathode ray tube with respect to those horizontal and vertical deflection coils. With use of the deflection yoke having such structure as mentioned in the above, not only small-sizing and weight-lighting and low energy consumption can be obtained, but also it is possible to suppress generation of geometric distortion and misconvergence, while maintaining good deflection sensitivity characteristics, as well as to reduce useless magnetic field emission below the standardized value thereof. <IMAGE>

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